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A duck is a waterfowl which quacks and lives in a pond and is not racist or sexist. Ducks are important to #mod_shrine. Nobody knows why.

Ducks can go on the moon. It is unknown if duck salad is made for ducks, or of ducks.


DuckTales was a documentary produced between 1987 and 1990 by Walt Duckney Megalocorp, in which several startling aspects of ducks were revealed and analyzed.

Facts about ducks

  • Ducks are moist. They can be sucked...
  • Ducks are coated in oil.
  • Ducks have only one leg while they sleep.
  • Ducks... .
  • Duck dicks are up to a number of metres long but the amount has been forgotten by qualo -- it is real, nonetheless.
  • Ducks look like o< o< o< O<.
  • Ducks are spherical.
  • Ducks contain water.  But also, water contains ducks.
  • Ducks don't go to school.
  • Ducks sit in the shower, on a shower shelf, in threes.
  • Ducks can exist as hands.
  • Ducks are having a blast.
  • Ducks make everything better.
  • Ducks park their heads backwards when sleeping.
  • Ducks' tears distort the water of their spaceponds.
  • Ducks are violent rapists (but not racists).
  • A duck is like a crowbar.
  • Ducks have 6-inch fangs.
  • Ducks can be conveniently stacked and stored in boxes.
  • A duck is a small craft designed to carry one or more people across a river or lake.