General compo rules

This is how #mod_shrine compos work general:

Song making

Recommendations for ModPlug / OpenMPT users

In case you use ModPlug Tracker 1.16, stop using it - switch to OpenMPT (and if you don't want to switch, avoid using DirecX/VST plugins at least and avoid player quirks that MPT doesn't get right). In case you use OpenMPT, avoid most features that are new in this version (like smooth midi macros, resampling per instrument, filter mode per instrument, etc... - note fades ~~ are an exception, as they are an original feature of the IT format) - If you want to be sure, just use the "Find MPT Hacks in Song" item from the "View" menu and use "Compatibility Export" from the "File" menu to save the final version of your compo tune. Note: XMPlay (and players that make use of libbass) supports virtually all ModPlug-specific features (except VST plugins) - newer OpenMPT features are not supported, though. Always enable the "More IT compatible playback" flag from the song settings to make the playback as compatible as possible. This should be enabled by default.


We listen to all the songs at the same time because it's fun and you get to hear everyone's comments about the song in real time.