Hosting a compo

Hosting a compo is easy even if you don't have some webspace to upload compo tunes to, and even if your DCC is broken!

For hosting compos, you can use Saga's compo upload tool. You need a hoster account for that, but most ops can give you one, just ask them. Log in and open a compo there and allow people to upload files (this is enabled by default). Now you're pretty much set. Upload your sample pack somewhere (for example at and announce it in the channel topic. Now compose your tune and wait... :)

After an hour, you can close the compo in the upload tool and let people download the votepack. After sync-listening, you can use the built-in online version of lazyslash to administrate the entries and votes.

For every participant that has votes (or for which there's a replacement voter), enter the votes and remove the +v check mark (this is done automatically if a voter name matches an author name).